My promise to myself


My name is Kimberly Dickerson. I am the proud owner and CEO of Milan's Hair Box, LLC (MHB). A little background about me, the owner. I am a registered nurse of 28yrs, graduate of the prestigious Dillard University of New Orleans where I received my Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 1993. In 2017 I received my Masters in Executive Leadership from Grand Canyon University. In addition, 2017 I was selected to receive the Great 100 Nurses award from the renowned PK Scheerle, owner of Gifted Healthcare. I have three kids and four grandkids.

People that influenced me to be humble, work with integrity and be present in the room... My mom. My mom raised my sister and I as a single parent, while enrolled in college. My sister and I saw a woman filled with grace and faith do her best daily. Another influencer was Patrice Sims. She was undoubtedly the reason why I am the nurse I am today. Her presence as a nurse empowered me to want more.

In my life, I've had some trials and tribulations, setbacks and disappointments that should have taken me out the game. But God...... there is a purpose to the struggle. My promise to myself is to never give up on God because He has never given up on me. I am determined to show God's love while walking in His